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Loading and Testing XML file using SPROXY transaction

By Premalatha Saravanan, Cognizant

Problem: In some projects, we may send our data using web services between two systems. The data would be in XML message format. In case if we need to check by changing the data in XML for any development /analysis we used to change the data in the source system and will trigger the service again to target system.

Solution: All enterprise services are listed in Transaction code SPROXY. Through this SPROXY transaction we can load, test and debug the XML messages. All we need to know is the inbound XML message (Downloaded in the system) and the correct service interface name. Using that we can easily test the corresponding service by loading the XML messages, so that we need not to trigger the service every time from source system.

Business Scenario with Explanation: Let me explain a scenario where the data is made transferred through the XI interface via XML.  The scenario would be as follows,

We are sending the Delivery Document created in ECC system to TMS (Transportation Management system) system for creating the Delivery based Transportation Order (DTR) Document in the TM system through the XML. So here the Source System is ECC and Target System is TMS.

Follow the below steps to execute the XML file through SPROXY Transaction.

1.     Go to the SPROXY tcode and identify the Service Interface for which you need to test and load XML file. Here as per my example, below highlighted is the service Interface of the target system.

2.     Double Click the service Interface and Click on the Execute button as shown below to load the XML file.

3.     Check the below shown radio button and click execute.

4.     Then you can see the Test Service Provider loaded with some dummy request as shown below.

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