Creation of Client Proxy (Consumer Proxy) for a Web Service

By Rahul Mehta, Tata Consultancy Services


1.     Every Web service is generated with a Web Service Definition Language (WSDL).

2.     We will use the WSDL to create a Client Proxy.  

Example: Suppose we have two systems System-1 & System-2. We have created a web service in System-1 & we want to consume that Web service in System-2. For this we have to create a Client Proxy in System-2 with the help of WSDL that is generated with the web service which is made in System-1.  

Settings: To call the web service of system1 in system2 the following settings must be   done.

1. Go to T-code SICF and press execute.

2. Go to Client->Proxy Settings.

3. The following screen appears.

4. Go to HTTP Log and Provide the Host name and port of system-1. (System in which web service exists)  


Steps for Creating a Client Proxy:  

1. Go to T-code Se80.

2.     Go to Edit Object ->Enterprise Services->Client Proxy (Radio Button).  

Click on the create button.

3.     The following screen appears.  

Select the radio button URL/HTTP Destination and click on the continue button.   

4. The following screen appears.  


In the URL provide the Web service definition language (WSDL) of the web service.

Click on the continue button.  

4.     The following screen appears.  

Provide the prefix and stored it in a package or in a local request.  

Click on the continue button.

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