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Side Panel Usage in NWBC

By K Vamsee Krishna, IBM India

1. Introduction:

This article provides an introduction to side panel and the process to assign side panels to SAP GUI transactions on NWBC platform.

The side panel is used to display additional context-sensitive information for existing SAP GUI transactions as well as Web Dynpro applications in a separate screen area without modifying the corresponding transaction. SAP delivered side panel content for about 1200 SAP GUI transactions in the modules Finance, Controlling, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Quality Management. NWBC versions 3.5 or higher are used to connect the SAP GUI transaction to the side panel Web Dynpro application. These existing side panels can be available in the transaction BSSP_CONTENT.

2. Business Scenario:

The business users want to access additional information as side panel for XD03 transaction on NWBC 4.0 platform. This additional information can be from different tabs with in the transaction, but should appear in one area.

3. Steps to assign Side Panel to XD03:

The following steps describe how to assign side panel to SAP GUI transaction.

1.     Go to the transaction PFCG, and create a custom role Z_VA_TEST_SIDE_PANEL3.

2.     For this role, add the respective transaction XD03 and also add the Web Dynpro application WDR_CHIP_PAGE with application configuration Z_VAMSEE_XD03.


3. Start configuration for Z_VAMSEE_XD03 and provide CHIP Catalog as BSSP_CHIP_CATALOG.   

4.     Add the respective catalogue from the standard CHIPs list as shown below.

5.     Now, go to NWBC and open the respective transaction XD03 and simultaneously call SAP GUI property collector. This can be called by pressing the Ctrl key and follow the path  Help->Tools-> SAP GUI property collector.

6.     Here, click on ‘Select from Screen’ button and choose the required fileds from transaction which needs to map in the side panel.

With this step, the program name and the respective tag details can be obtained.

7.  Go to SM30, and provide the view NWBC_VC_GUI_TAG and add the entry with the above details.

8. To check the output, open the transaction XD03 in NWBC and the following screen will be seen along with the added side panel.

4. Summary:

Side panels are very useful to provide additional information for SAP GUI transactions/ Web Dynpro applications without modifying the actual programs on NWBC platforms. Based on the requirement, even the custom CHIPS can also be built and attach as side panels to the respective transactions with minimal coding efforts. With the current trend in accessing the SAP applications through web(UI), the enhancements can be performed with side panels in an easy and efficient manner.

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