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What is NWBC and How to Login on SAP NWBC 3.5?

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


In this article, we will see the basics of SAP NWBC 3.5.


What is SAP NWBC 3.5?

The SAP NWBC stands for SAP NetWeaver Business Client. 3.5 is its release.(current release is 4.0) It is the User Interface that provides the platform where you can use SAP R3 transaction and newly developed Web Applications in a single platform. In short we can say that it is the place where you will get all the required application and you can work without opening them separately using SAP logon or Internet Explorer. You can access the transactions for which you are authorized and having roles (this is configured using transaction code PFCG in SAP R3 system)

There are two flavors of it.

1) NWBC for HTML and

2) NWBC for Desktop

We will look into the NWBC for Desktop and see how to login into it.

Prerequisite: User must have installed the SAP GUI and SAP NWBC 3.5 on their desktop in order to login on it. Please refer SAP Note 1378659 which states that SAPGUI is a prerequisite of NWBC client.

Once you install the NWBC on your desktop, you will find the shortcut created on your desktop.

How to login on it?

Double click on the icon and it will open the login window for you.

Click on Log On and it will open the start up screen shown below.

This screen will be different for different users. This is because the folders added here are based on the user roles in that system.

SAP NWBC also supports the SSO (Single Sign On) and hence it will be very useful tool for business users as well as to developers to perform all the necessary action from single platform and without login to multiple places.

Different Options available in NWBC:

Launch Pad: You can launch any transaction using launch pad. It has very powerful search option.




Settings: Using this we can do various kind of settings. Like add various SAP landscapes systems, search provides etc.

Advantages of using NWBC:

1) SSO (Single Sign On) – This is very useful feature and once user logs on to the NWBC client, he/she can easily access multiple things without login in multiple times.

2) Time Saver: Using NWBC will definitely save times for users as he/she doesn’t need to open up multiple logins/internet browsers/web application separately.

3) Advanced Search: SAP NWBC provides the advanced search and when you don’t remember the full transaction code you can simply start typing the first letter and it will provide you the suggestions.

These advantages are generic in nature. There are more specific advantages for users based on their requirement and day to day job.

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