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How to configure the folder and add transactions in it on a Shell in SAP NWBC 3.5

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


In this article, we will see how to configure the folder and add transactions in it on a Shell in SAP NWBC 3.5

Prerequisite: User must have installed the SAP GUI and SAP NWBC 3.5 on their desktop in order to login on it. Also, a basic understanding on SAP NWBC will be helpful to understand this article.


As most of us know that the basic purpose of SAP NWBC is to having all the required applications, traditional SAP transaction at a single platform. In order to do that we have to first configure the folder and add transactions on SAP R3 side using transaction PFCG.

Let’s look into more details by configuring a test folder and add normal transactions in it.

Login to the R3 system on which you will be login on NWBC also.

Open the transaction PFCG and it will look as follows:

After that type any role and click on Change. Else type a name and create on Click.

It will open the screen for changing the roles.

Click on Menu tab. There you will see the folder option. Click on it and add the folder.

Once you have added the folder, you need to add transaction in it so that those will be visible at a single place in NWBC.

Click on “Transaction” and it will open the new pop up. Add the desired transaction in it and click on Assign Transactions.

It will add the transaction in the folder and it will look as follows

Click on SAVE and this is very important and then only the folder will come on the shell in NWBC.

Now Login into NWBC Client (See article link for how to login to SAP NWBC 3.5)

It will open the initial screen with the folders added on a shell of NWBC. Please see the below screenshot. Added folder Test Tcodes is visible on shell.

Now, click on the folder and it will display all the transactions added under it. It will be in tab format as shown below.

Similarly, one can add the web applications; SAP R3 transactions etc and access them from one single place.

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