Convert PO Warning message to Error Message

By Swarna S, Tata Consultancy Services

In the example given below, while trying to create a PO in ME21 N, the delivery date is showing23.10.2005. This is an unrealistic delivery date as of today. But the SAP system just  issues a warning Message and allows us to proceed which ideally should not be the case. The system must throw an error message in such cases and stop proceeding until this is corrected.

The message number of the warning message is obtained by double clicking the yellow mark where we get the Performance assistant. In that click the technical informationF1).

We get:

Now the message number is 040 and application area is ME.

With this information we go to the Transaction code SPRO.

Go to SPRO à materials management à Purchasingà Environment data à Define attributes of system messages à system messages.

On going to the system messages we get this screen

For  this particular message type we find ‘W’ which means a warning message is issues by the system.

To change this message type to Error message type, we change the ‘W’ to ‘E’. 

Now the system asks for a transport request. Please save it under an appropriate request number.

Now we see that the warning message type has been changed to an error message type and system does not allow us to process further until we correct this error.

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