Changing logo on SAP Easy Access Screen

By Kiran Kumar Vuppala, SITA CORP (INDIA) PVT LTD

Tcode – SMW0  


Click on ‘Find Icon’


Below Screen gets displayed. Click on ‘Execute’ button

Go to Settingsà Maintain MIME types  

Click on Create in the below screen  


Give the inputs (“zquote” - nothing but the image/photo (file name) which we want to display as logo and better to have extension as “.gif”. System accepts gif or JPEG only)

Click on SAVE and come back till the ‘Web Repository” screen (Shown Below)

Come back till the below screen

Click on Create


Input below details (Obj. name = zquote is our file name. Description = General Description)


Click on Import button


Select our file on desktop (nothing but where we saved the file). Below window pops up

Select the ‘Package’ and click on ‘SAVE’

Click here to continue...

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