Internet Transaction Server (ITS) mobile - Developing ITS templates from scratch

By Utkarsha Khadke, John Deere India

ITSmobile is a SAP technology to connect mobile devices to a SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Dynpro programming model. In simple terms, it used to run a dynpro-based application on a browser-based mobile device such as a handheld mobile device or forklift.


ITSmobile replaces the Web SAPConsole which will be phased out with SAP NW 7.10.

Ø  ITS templates:

ITSMobile features HTML generation of SAP Screens through its Template Generator. The generated HTML acts as a 'Template' for further customization as per the flexible user requirements.

Ø  Tools required:

The Application design tools required for developing a Mobile ITS application are:

1.     ABAP development workbench.

2.     Web application Builder (Internet Service creator & HTML template generator).


Ø  Scenarios when ITS templates need to be generated:

1.     In case, you have custom business requirement, you need to create custom programs for it. This is done by creating a module pool program with the required logic considering all the constraints of designing your screens (given below).

2.     A lot of standard transactions like LM00, LM01, LM02, LM27, LM71, etcetera are available for which ITS templates need to be generated, if not already present.

Ø  Custom Development Screen Guidelines for ITS Applications:

1.     Keep the UI simple by design.

2.     Limit the height and width of the screens such as that the mobile device can handle. It is usually around 20 characters by 16 rows.

3.     It is recommended to limit the UI elements to: "Text Box", "I/O Fields", "Checkboxes", "Radio Buttons" and "Pushbuttons". Frames, Tab strips, Table Controls are not supported.

4.     Do not include any Buttons in GUI Status. Instead, include them on the Screens.
Error/Warning/Status/Information messages should be handled on an output field such as a ‘Textbox’ for displaying only messages. That means, "Message" statement or calling a Function Module to show a popup message / confirmation prompt, should not be used.

Ø  Overview of steps involved in creating ITS templates from scratch:

1.     Create an Internet Service

2.     Create an ICF service for the above Internet Service

3.     Generate ITS templates for each screen.

Example hierarchy of ITS Applications:

Ø  Create an Internet Service:

1.     In SE80, choose Internet service from the dropdown and give an internet service name. 

2.     Give an internet service name & name of the transaction to be called when running the ITS application. Save it.


Here, ZUK_DEMO is a dialogue transaction for a module pool program.

3.     Give a short text for the internet service.

4.      Give the parameters as follows:

For parameter ‘Transaction’, give the transaction name of the program. Parameter ‘Service’ denotes the name of the ICF service created in Transaction SICF(given below).


5.      Create template by right clicking on the internet service CREATE->TEMPLATE.

6.      Give the theme as 99, enter the first screen number for which template needs to be created and the generating style should be Mobile Devices (without HTML tables). Save.

7.      HTML template gets generated as:

Click on ‘Publish template’.

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