Creating ITS application and handling ITS URL with Custom values passed as Parameters

By Jayanta Biswas, Conexant Systems

Introduction:    ITS applications are used to represent SAP screens (from transactions) as web pages (HTML Page) on the internet. The benefit of this application is that the user is not required to install the SAP client before accessing the SAP system. The authorized user can access the SAP transaction available on web if he has:

  1. URL of the ITS application (“Transaction” in SAP language).
  2. Internet
  3. Access to the server (Username and Password)

Making HTML code base for Screens

1.         Go to SE51, enter the name and screen for which you want to create a HTML page so as to make it accessible on the web and click on the layout tab -> utilities -> Internet Service Template.
This will create the HTML template of the screen (Fig 1, Fig 2 and Fig 3 below).

                                    Fig 1 – SE51 initial Screen

                                                Fig 2 – Layout Editor Screen in SE51

                                    Fig 3 – Pop up for requesting ITS name and theme

Give any name to the ITS application and set the theme to 99.

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