Updating Help Link for the SAP ITS Transaction

By Ganesh Kumar K, Intelligroup

For updating the link for the above Help view, it is required to write some code in Java script in Internet Service IAC. Below is the path of the Mime Object (Java script).  


Inside the Object search for function SAP_TemplateLaunchHelp add the below code and Publish the MIME Object.  

	if (string_object.toUpperCase().indexOf("ZMSS_JAPN_1") >= 0 ) {
Datasheet?Opendocument" , "_Help", 

ZMSS_JAPN_1 is the Internet Service (SAP ITS transaction)  

http://usfosdas03/HR/PublicDoc.nsf/PublicWebPage/Help-JP-MSS-Datasheet?Opendocument : Is the Path of the Help file.  


Below is the Help file shown as the Popup.    

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