Step-by-step guide to build object using Print Workbench

By Arnab Roy, IBM India

What is Print Workbench?  

Print Workbench is the tool used as Basic or Central development environment for creating standardized outgoing correspondence, and is used for printing purpose in IS-Utilities. We find this as a very efficient and improved way of creating forms from the perspective of easy data retrieval and understandability. This tool is available in SAP IS-Utilities 4.6 and above.  

Advantages of Print Workbench

Separated and independent data retrieval procedure from layout design with dynamic print programs. Increase performance for mass printing.  

The Print Workbench tool has following components.

Form Classes

Carries the data retrieval hierarchy in the form of modularized accessible subroutines, detailed information about the data for an application, Form class: Application Form cardinality can be 1: N.

Application Forms

These are configuration objects used for the application and integration of Data structure defined in Form Class Can be integrated with different form layouts like Smart Forms, SAP scripts or PDF Forms.


One very simple Print Workbench example is given below.

As soon as a business partner wants to start consuming any utility service, (move-in is required), the utility company automatically creates a Welcome letter / Move-in letter / Correspondence based on the PWB object name configured and that is sent to the customer.

One standard form class is given in SAP to carry out the necessary data retrieval for this purpose that is IS_U_CS_MOVE_IN_WELCOME_LETTER.

Go to Transaction ‘PWB’

Double click on application form, and give the name as ‘Z_TEST_WELCOME_LETTER’ and click on create button.

Use Form Class IS_U_CS_MOVE_IN_WELCOME_LETTER which is a standard Form Class provided by SAP for Move-in Letter.  

Fill the other parameters as described.

An SAP Script is created to display the output. SMARTFORMS or ADOBE FORMS can also be used.  

System will ask for Transport Request. Create a Request.  

Next screen is as follows.

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