Print workbench sample using inactive node for only display purpose, and calling that explicitly from active node

By Arnab Roy, IBM India

In some cases there can be requirements when the text node (exit) where the data is manipulated or fetched are not expected to be displayed in the same place.

They are required to be displayed at some specific place along with some other data.

In these cases the text nodes are created and marked as inactive (to stop implicit calling for display) and that is called explicitly for display from another text node.  

In the following example it is displayed how an inactive (which is suppressed by SAP to be displayed) text node can be explicitly called and displayed. Along with this, the basic technique of using during loop is explained.  

Go To Transaction Code PWB.

Create an application form of form class IS_U_CS_MOVE_IN_WELCOME_LETTER as displayed below  



One installation can have multiple register; here we are displaying those register (logical register number) details.


DATA: LT_LOGIC_NO    TYPE EASTL. (Locally Defined)

To access this table from other part of the program we need to pass the values into some custom defined global internal table in ‘During Loop’  

DATA: T_EQUIP TYPE TABLE OF V_EGER (Globally Defined, hence can be accessed from any where from the object)  


We are creating one text node in the following node hierarchy, and making this text node as inactive (unclick the check box as described below) and text exit for this node is not created. As the result the implicit calling of this exit during display will be suppressed. To display the output of this text node, we have to call it explicitly.



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