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Assign IMG Activities to a Message

By Prasanna, Infosys


If you want to allow the user to jump from a message to one or more activities that are assigned in the IMG

Step 1:

Go to transaction SE91, Enter message class ZTEST_MSG and choose create button.

The screen will be displayed as below enter the short text

Choose Messages tab

Step 2:

Enter the messages as highlighted below and choose save button.

Step 3: Assign IMG activity

Now select the message, in menu bar choose Goto ->Additional information.

A popup will be displayed as below.

If you check the checkbox “Message after authorization check” then an error message is issued after any authorization check says that the user has no authorizations.

Enter the Activity “SIMG_CFMENUOLMSOMSC”


You can assign one or more IMG activities to a single message by choosing .

If the corresponding message is triggered, the user can go directly to the IMG to carry out all the activities assigned to it.

And choose save button then message is displayed as 

Step 4: Test the IMG activity

Create a simple program “ZTEST_MSG” through transaction SE38 and write the following logic.

If there is no unit of message I am displaying an error message for which I assigned IMG activity in step 3.

Save and activate the program. 

Step 5:  

Execute the program ZTEST_MSG and enter the Unit of measure as INC

And choose F8 or Execute button .

Then an error message is displayed at the bottom of the screen saying that 

Double click on the message; popup window is displayed as shown below.

Click on customizing  on the toolbar.

Step 6:

Dialog box project details will be displayed.

Click on “Continue w/o Specifying Project”

Step 7:

It will go to the IMG activity specified in step 3.

Choose Execute button  or double click on the text. And maintain the unit of measure “INC”.

Now re-ran the program, then that message will not come for INC because we maintained that unit of measure.

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