Getting started with GUIXT

By Ribhu Ahuja, Tata Consultancy Services

GuiXT is a client-server based software technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. SAP GUIXT is a tool provided with SAP that enables firms to tailor SAP transaction screens to the narrower requirements of specific jobs within the organization while leaving essential SAP coding (ABAP and Dynpros) untouched. This technology design significantly reduces development and testing. Users of GuiXT Solutions report greatly improved productivity and accuracy, while at the same time reducing training and support costs. 

It takes existing functionality in SAP t-codes and allows us to redesign the layout and business process to match the customer needs. One important thing to be noted is that it already comes installed with SAP GUI. Since it comes with SAP GUI, GuiXT can help us customize just about any transaction in SAP.  

To start with: 

First of all, we need to enable scripting on front end and on the server in order to use the GUIXT tool. To enable scripting on the front end, use the transaction RZ11. Logon to R3 and open transaction RZ11 and put the value ‘sapgui/user_scripting’ in the parameter box and click on the  button as shown: 


On the next screen, click on the  button: 


A pop up box appears. Change the value of the last field – New value to ‘TRUE’ as shown and click on the save button. 

We are done with enabling scripting on front end. Now we will proceed for enabling scripting on server. Come back to the SAP easy access screen and click on the  icon on the right hand corner and choose options.  


Click on the scripting tab and check all the check boxes in user settings and then click on OK button as shown: 

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