Employee Leave Process using CAF GP

By Anurupa Chowdhury, Capgemini India

The SAP Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) provides a methodology & toolset to efficiently develop & manage composite applications - following the Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) blueprint.

 The SAP CAF comprises of:

  1. CAF Guided Procedures (CAF GP) - Process Layer.

  2. CAF Core- Service & User Interface (UI) Layer. 

GP offers a flexible process environment. It enables user to easily set up & execute collaborative business processes by providing reusable templates.

Guided Procedures (GP) is a framework for modeling and managing processes that involve access to multiple backend systems.

GP enables runtime collaboration and execution of ad-hoc items.

A callable object is a re-useable unit within the GP framework& the most fine-grained elements in a process. Here we create 4 callable objects: Create Request, Approve Request, Book Request & Summary.

Next we create actions to wrap each callable object. In the GP design time actions are used to build blocks, which are the basic unit of a process template. 

Our GP will consist of the following steps:

  1. An Employee creates a leave request, and submits it to his or her manager for approval.

  2. The Manager takes action on the request. He or she can either approve or reject the request.

  3. The HR Admin books the request.

  4. The Employee can see the request summary & status.

Steps for creating an Employee Leave Process:  

1. Firstly we should have the CAF GP role assigned. Then in the Guided procedure design time create a folder.


 2. Create a Process.  


3. Create a Block. 


Click “SAVE”. 

4. Create an action named “CREATE REQUEST”.

Click on SAVE.

5. Create a Callable Object for the Create Request action.



Select the com.sap.caf.eu.gp.example.timeoff.wd.create.CCreate 

Click on next… here we use the default values.

Click here to continue....

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