Label Printing in SAP EHS

By Rahul Sharma and Nitesh Kumar Pandey, Infosys Technologies

Overview :

Labels are printed at various stages of the business process. They include Shipment Labels, Warehouse Labels and Sample Labels etc. Labels are used as the effective way of communicating product, manufacturing and safety data related to products as well as for internal and external identification purposes e.g. if we buy any cosmetic product, they have labels on their surface containing the information about date of manufacturing, date of expiring, cautions, ingredients etc.. The data is fetched from SAP and sent to some external system for printing.

General flow:

To Print EHS label, user first calls the specific scenario (for which EHS label needs to be printed, like made-to-stock etc.). User provides necessary inputs to the scenario (like order, material etc) and calls different labels of same scenario.

User needs to select one of the labels, choose the printer and give the print command. This label information directly goes to the external system (used to print EHS label).

Configuration of this scenario can be done by using path SPRO => SAP Reference IMG => Environment, Health & Safety=>Product Safety=>Global Label Management=>Specify Labeling Scenarios.

Label is linked to generation variant*, generation variant is linked with the template*, template has different report symbols*, report symbols are linked to report group* which is linked with a FM and data fetching logic of these report symbols are written in function module.

Labels are assigned to a generation variant, which is created using transaction CG2B.

Generation variant has different display options (like date format, decimal display etc.).

For creating Generation variant we need a Template, which is created using transaction CG42.

In Template various report symbols are specified, which can be seen by pressing F7 (in user menu Goto->Document).

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