Creating Change Document Object

By Kamesh, IBM India

Scenario:  When we make changes to purchase order or   sales   order or Material in MM01 etc the changes are stored in tables CDHDR AND CDPOS. 

EXAMPLE:   If we want to keep the track of changes to z tables we need to create one change document object for that. 

Go to Transaction 'SCDO'. 

Click on  'Create'.

The following pop-up would prompt asking change document object. 

Press Continue.  It prompts the following. 

Click 'yes'  


Save it.  


Here if the table header table then clicks check box copy as internal table. and  click on   insert entries .


Click on save button. Then change document will be saved. 


Then place cursor on created object click "Generate Update Program". 


Click on ‘yes’ and it will ask for function group. 


Click on 'generate'. 

Here we can select processing type as per the requirement.


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