Changing the description in the SAP Menu

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions


As shown in the following screenshots, we would change the description of the "Order" to "Billing Request":

From "Order" to To  "Billing Request"


Go to T-Code SE43, Type S000 and Click on Change Area Menu (F6)



Click On Change


Click On Continue or Press (Enter) 


Then Edit Area Menu Screen will appear  


Click on Logistics and Click Continue or Hit Enter

 Click On  Sales and Distribution


Click On Sales, Then Click Continue or hit (Enter)


Then Click on Order and Select the change node  or (Shift + F9)

Type an Entry Billing Request and Click  or hit (Enter).


The Changes will be made.

Click On Save  (Ctrl+S)

 Select the Back arrow.  

 Click On Save  (Ctrl+S).

Save it on Package

Select the Back arrow.


Save it on Package, Click on continue or hit Enter.

See the below screen shot the changes have been made.

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