Transporting Document Templates in CRM

By Vijender Sangwan

1. Select document templates that you want to transport, using

Customizing link SPRO => SAP Reference IMG => SAP Implementation

Guide => Customer Relationship Management => Basic Functions =>

Content Management => Transport Document Template


Run report 'CRM_KW_TEMPLATE_TRANSPORT' to select templates.  

Enter the Business Object of the Document Template and execute the Report.

This will show all the Document Templates created for that Business Object.  

Press 'Transport' button after selecting the templates. You will be asked for correction request upon selecting 'Transport' button. Enter the transport request number that you have created. This operation adds logical and physical details of the template to Transport request.

Go to transaction 'SE09' and release transport request or ask the Basis Administrator to release the TR. Go to target client in which you would like to import the template and run transaction 'SCC1' (Client Copy). Enter source client and transport request and press 'Start immediately to copy the request immediately. Otherwise press 'Schedule as Background Job' to run copy as background task.

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