Creating Web Services in CRM

By Vijender Sangwan

Go to transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB

Enter WS_DESIGN_TOOL as component and press TEST button.

This will open the CRM Web UI in the new Browser.  

Click on the New Button to Create a New Web Service, which we will use for Document Templates .  

Enter the details as required. Enter the Component for which you want to create the Web Service.

In this Case it is for Business Transactions: i.e.: Agreements for Grant Management.

Choose the Root Object also as Business Transaction.  

Press the Next Button.  

One important thing here, don’t forget to click one of the Boxes at the end for Read, Create or Change. In this case we are creating a Web Service to read data from the database to read the Agreement details.  


Select Attributes Structure will open where you can select the data you want from the Structure to be fetched when the Web Service is called.  

Expand the Business Transaction Node and Select the data as shown below.  

Once a Node is selected, its attributes opens up on the Right Hand Side.

Select the attributes like shown above as required.

Once the Selection for a particular node is done, don’t forget to click on the Confirm Selection Button as shown under the attributes window.

If this Button is not clicked the attirbutes will not be selected and will be lost, once you move ahead.

Make sure form the BOL Browser you know which fields you need from the Web Services from which node for the Document Templates.

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