Creating Document Templates using Web Services in CRM

By Vijender Sangwan

Log in to the Web UI and under the Administration tab. Select Document Templates.

Click on the New Button to create a new Template  


The screen like above will be displayed to enter the details.  

Enter the details as shown above,

File Type - Microsoft Word, as we are using Word Document template

Name – Name of the Document Template

Object type – BUS2000271, We have created the Web Service for Agreements, Choose as appropriate.

Once the details are entered, click on start Designer  

A new word Document in editable mode is opened.

Click on the Element showing in the bottom right Corner of the Window


As you keep clicking it, it will take you into the Nodes you have selected in the Web Services.

You can put them here in the window for display.

Select all the fields you require for your Document .and design the document as required.

Once the Document is designed. Click on the save Button to Save the Document.  

Once the document is saved, close the document.

The document is now ready to be used.

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