Step-by-step procedure for Creation of Custom Archiving Object

By Sriranjani Chimakurthy, Infosys Technologies


This document provides the step by step procedure to create a simple custom archiving object. Data archiving is very crucial with the growing business along with the growth of any organization. The increase in the volume of the data has always led to various performance issues.  Some data stored in the database can be some transactional data which might not be relevant after the completion of the business life cycle. But at times it is good to have the data stored in the database for forecasting, auditing purposes. Since storage of the data in the database leads to performance issues, the data can be archived. In this document let us create the archiving object for table ZTESTARCH.

Steps :  

Step 1: Go to transaction AOBJ-> Click on New Entries


Step 2: Provide the new object name as mentioned below :

Here ZCUSARCH is the name of the custom archiving object.  

ZCUSARCH_WRITE and ZCUSARCH_DELETE are WRITE and DELETE programs of custom archiving object respectively. The code for the same is provided in the further steps.  

Step 3: Click on the structure definition:

ZTESTARCH is the name of the table the entries of which we are going to archive.

If there are multiple tables which are linked then here we can specify the hierarchy by specifying the parent segment and segment.  

Step 4: Click on the Tables from which you only delete.

Here in this section specify the list of tables for which the entries are to be deleted directly from the database when archiving is run. Tough specifying the table name here will not delete the entries directly from database. It has to be explicitly coded in the program to achieve this. But it is an indicator which states that for the tables mentioned in this section archiving is not required.  

Step 5: Click on the customizing settings :-> Click on new entries:


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