Creating ABAP based web services and consuming the same in ABAP

By Chandra Dasari, YASH Technologies

Description: Creating ABAP based Web services and consuming in report. In this example we will be using wizard provided by SAP. 

Go to SE37. Enter the name of the function module already created. 


Menu->utilities->more utilities->create web service->from function module:



Enter the Service Definition Name followed by short text as shown below


Select the end point, as of now the following options are available

  • Function module

  • Function Group

  • BAPI

  • Message interface (from XI)

Select the function module created earlier 


Since we are using basic Authorizations, select the option as shown


Make sure we select the check box “release Service for Runtime”

If this is not selected we need to go to TCode: “WSCONFIG” & release it

This is the final screen for wizard before completion. 


Click on “Complete” and save it in package. 

Go to TCode wsconfig to check whether the wsd created has been released for soap runtime 


Click on “Display” button


Click on “ICF Details” button

The web service is created in “sicf” transaction as shown

Go back


Yes the green icon shows the wsd is released successfully for soap runtime. 

Generating the wsdl from wsd 

Go to transaction code wsadmin as shown    


Select the wsd for which the wsdl has to be generated.

Make sure the administrative settings has been configured 



Click on generate function after selecting the respective wsd


Save the wsdl file on to the local pc for further use 


Testing the web service 




Click on “submit” button 


Copy the wsdl as shown


Click on “test” button to test the functionality of web service  

Click on the parameters 

Enter the input parameters and click on submit  


Comments: The web service has been tested successfully and is ready to use.

Create any client application for consuming it.

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