Working on Polymorphism

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions


Polymorphism is a characteristic of being able to assign a different behavior or value in a subclass, to something that was declared in a parent class. For example, a method can be declared in a parent class, but each subclass can have a different implementation of that method. This allows each subclass to differ, without the parent class being explicitly aware that a difference exists. 


1.Allows one interface to be used for a general class of actions.
2.When objects from different classes react differently to the same procedural call.
3.User can work with different classes in a similar way, regardless of their implementation.
4.Allows improved code organization and readability as well as creation of “extensible” programs.
5.Although the form of address is always the same, the implementation of the method is specific to a particular class.

Go to SE24 T-code.


Press create button.


Press Save    button.

Provide methods.


Select the first method then provide the parameters for this method.


Go back to the methods then double click on the method name.

Then provide the logic. 


Select display_method then provide the parameters for this method. 

Go back to method then provide the logic.


Save it , check it  , and activate it



Press CREATE button. 


Click on  SAVE  .

Go to attribute provide the values that means provide super class name.

Go to methods we can see like this.

Click here to continue...

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