Implementing Persistent Service using Transaction Service

By Abdul Hakim, Satyam Computer Services Ltd

Transaction Service is an object-oriented wrapper of SAP LUW. 

In this article we will discuss how we can implement Persistent Service using Transaction Service 

Step: 1 

Go to Class Builder and create a class.

Define methods. 


Step: 2 

Implement the methods 


Step: 3

Create OO transaction.

Go to Tcode SE93. Give Tcode name for eg Z_TX and hit the create button 


Step: 4   Select OO transaction 

Step: 5

Specify the Class Name and the Method Name.

Also select the OO transaction Model check box. Finally Save. 


Step: 6

Execute the transaction Z_TX 

Step: 7

Go to SE16 and check the table entries 

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