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Achieving Multiple Inheritance

By Raja Narayanan

In ABAP, we can achieve Multiple Inheritance through interface.

ABAP objects don’t support multiple inheritances using more than one class.

Here I have considered a sample scenario which demonstrates how we can achieve the multiple inheritances in ABAP OO.  

Create two separate interfaces called ZIF_VECHICLE_MODEL

With the parameter as RV_MODEL


Create interface called ZIF_VECHICLE_DETAIL  

With the parameter as RV_DETAIL


Create a class called ZCL_CAR_DETAILS  and add these interface’s as shown below.

Implement the method ZIF_VECHICLE_MODEL~GET_MODEL and write your logic.


Implement the method ZIF_VECHICLE_DETAIL~GET_DETAIL and write your logic.

The similar way we will create another class called ZCL_BIKE_DETAIL which again implement the same interface’s.

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