Global Class Functionality (Step-by-step approach)

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions

Go to SE24 T-Code.

Provide the name.

Click on the Create button.

Provide the Description.

Press Save button. Then we can view the screen like this.

Provide method.

Goto Attributes

Provide the values.

In ZCL_KNA1 is the structure.

And ZCL_TT is table type.


Go to methods tab.

And double click on the method select_method.

And write the logic.

The code is like this.

Go back

Save check and activate it.

And provide another method Display_method. 

Double click on the display_method.

Then write the logic. 

Save it, check it, activate it. 

Provide the logic in se38.

Create the program.

Provide the logic.

Then save it, check it, activate it.

And execute it.

The output is like this.

Provide the values.

Execute it.


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