Validations in LSMW


We can validate the given customer by checking the table KNA1. If the customer is invalid, then append the Customer to the error internal table with appropriate message. Skip further execution of the record using the Global function skip_transaction (Insert->Global Function-> skip_transaction). This statement will skip the current record and goes to the next record.  

Download the Error records:

Double click on the END_OF_PROCESSING block (this block will trigger after conversion of all the transactions), and write the code to download and display the error records as shown below.


The error records will download to the specified file path when we execute the convert data step and same will be displayed. 

6.       Specify Files

Specify the input file


7.       Assign Files

Assign the file and save. 

8.       Read Data

Execute the read data step to read the input file data. 

9.       Display Read Data  [optional]

10.       Convert Data

The validations will take place when we execute the convert data step. The error records will download to the specified file path if there any and same will be displayed here as shown below.


And the snap shot downloaded excel wile is


11) Further continue with the processing (Create batch input session and Run batch input Session) to update the valid customers.

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