Uploading Purchase Info records using IDOC Method

By Kamesh, IBM India

Requirement is to convert Purchase info records data from an excel sheet into SAP ECC using IDOC. 

Step1 :  Create  project   using transaction  LSMW . 

Step2:  Select maintain attributes Radio Button: 


Step3: Maintain attributes  

Select   IDOC radio button and give  "Message Type and " Basic Type". 

Click on Save . 

Step4: Activating IDOC Inbound processing. 

The following screen shots explain the activating IDOC Inbound processing.

Click  " IDOC inbound processing “ under settings.  


Here maintain ' port ' and   'partner type ' and partner number here and press 'Activate Idoc inbound processing ". 

Here for message type "SRCLST” process code is  "SRCL”. This has to maintain while maintaining partner type. 

Step5: Maintain source structures  


Click on  "Maintain source structures “ Radio Button. Click on source structures and then click on create. 

Step6:  Maintain Source fields  


Step7:  Maintain structure relations  

Click on structure relation and click on relation ship as shown above to maintain relationship.

Step8: Maintain field mapping  


And press F8. 


Extras -> Auto field mapping. Press enter until you get a popup message field mapping completed.



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