Upload Purchase Order data using multiple flat files (LSMW)

By Muthuvel Kumaran, Kaavian Systems


In this tutorial, we will see how to generate Purchase Order using LSMW in Standard Batch/Direct Input Method. Here, am using two flat files for generating the PO, one file for Header data and another one for Item data.  

Step I:  

Before, we go to the LSMW Process. Make the Flat files as shown below with the delimiter as ‘Tabulator’.  

Header file:  

Item file:

Step II:  

Create an Object in T-Code: LSMW.  

Step III:  

Press ‘F8’ for Execute the object.

Step IV:  

Initial screen for LSMW object  

Step 1: 

a). Double Click ‘Maintain Object Attributes’ and below screen show and click Standard Batch/Direct Input  and click the F4 for Object and select 0085 Purchase order  


b). Click ‘F4’ for choosing the method and select ‘0001’ ‘Purchase order’  ‘RM06EEI0’ and press Enter. Then Save and Back.  



a). Double Click on ‘Maintain Source Structures’ then click create a structure(CTRL+F4)


b). Create structure for Header data and Save it.


c). Then click the header structure and create the second structure for Item data and define the relationship in Lower level and press Enter.


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