Handling multiple recordings in LSMW

By Sreedhar V, IBM

This example is related to PO output type creation using batch input method. 

In this example, we need to handle more than one recording, because based on message transmission medium screens will change. 

In this example, have created two separate recordings when message medium is ‘1’ and message medium is ‘6’ respectively. 

1.       LSMW project.

2.       Maintain object attributes.

Here we need to create two separate recordings one for medium type is printer and one for medium type is EDI as shown below.  

Select BACK button and in batch input recording need to select more recordings as shown below.

Here initially only one recording will be displayed, then we need to add second recording manually as shown below.

3.       Maintain source structure as shown below.  

4.       Maintain source fields.  

5.       Maintain structure relations as shown below.  

6.       Maintain field mapping and conversion rules. 

Here we need to write code to handle recordings based on Message medium as shown below.

 7.       Specify files

And execute remaining steps.

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