Material Master Enhancement End-to-End: Conversion Perspective

By Ansumesh Kumar Samal, IBM 

Business Requirement 

System used : EHP4 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 / NW7.01

Readers of this post needs to have basic knowledge on ABAP and LSMW  

More often there is a business requirement of extending Material Master with one or more customer-specific fields and subsequently the design for maintaining data in them either manually or migrating with available SAP standard methodology. Some known methods that can be used to achieve the requirement are detailed out below.  

Maintaining Customer-Specific fields for materials in material master by        

  1. Manually through - MM01/MM02

  2. Standard Direct Input Program - LSMW

  3. Standard BAPI Method – LSMW

  4. Standard IDOC Method - LSMW .

Activities in sequence needs to be done – TO DO 

1.     Enhancing material master table MARA with two custom fields.

2.     Design a sub-screen with customer-specific fields and embedded it to Material master transactions.

3.     Business logic concept for manual maintenance of custom fields from

4.     Material master transactions.

5.     Maintaining customer specific fields through LSMW direct input method. (Program: RMDATIND, Object: 0020)

6.     Maintaining customer specific fields through LSMW BAPI method (BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA, BO: BUS1001006)

7.     Maintaining customer specific fields through IDOC Method (IDOC Basic Type: MATMAS_MASS_BAPI03) (Message Type: MATMAS_MASS_BAPI)  

Material Master Enhancement – Append Structure.  

Let’s do a append structure activity for table MARA and add two custom fields. Activate and then adjust the table  

Appended Structure  

Result for Point Number 1  

Development of Custom Sub-Screen and Its configuration  

Now let’s develop the custom sub-screen with above customer specific fields following available standard methodology. Run SPRO and follow below mentioned path. There is a quick guide available which can be referred for better understanding of required configuration  

STEP 1:  


Define a sub-screen with your customer-specific fields in a customer-specific function group created as a copy of the standard function group MGD1.Create and activate the screen 9001 and the custom function group ZCUSTOMFIELD as given below

STEP 2  

Based on the above Quick Guide  


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