Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method

By Sarang Kahu

Business Case: 

In Business scenario, it is required to upload the data into R/3 and process the data in the IDOC form only. The data can be migrated to R/3 SAP system using IDOC Generation Method in LSMW. The data to be uploaded can be regarding material, vendor, customer etc. IDOC is the container, which stores the data in structured format and is used to communicate between R/3 systems. IDOC structure includes Status Record for storing status information of IDOC dispatch, Data Record for storing data into segments and its corresponding fields and Control Record has receiver and source system details etc. 

This document contains Step-by-Step instructions to use LSMW to generate and process IDOC from the data file available. In first part user-defined IDOC structure is created and required ALE settings are done .In the Second part, this IDOC structure is used in the LSMW IDOC. 

Part One: To create IDOC structure 

Step One:  Run transaction WE31.Create Segment with name ‘ZEMP_SEG’. 


Step Two:  Input the fields for the segment structure, which would be required in LSMW for mapping purpose. 


Step Three: Now, Go to Edit -> Set Release, so that you can use this segment in the R/3 system further.


Step Four: Run transaction ‘we30’ and enter IDOC structure name we want to create.

Here, IDOC structure name is ‘ZEMP_IDC’.

 Step Five: 

(A) Add segment created earlier to this IDOC type ‘ZEMP_IDC’. 

The maximum and minimum repetitions can be from 000000000000 to 99999999999.

Choose any number rang as per requirement. 

Now, Go back to earlier page and Click Edit-> Set Release. 

(B)Create new Message type in transaction ‘WE81’.


(C) Attach message type and IDOC type with the help of transaction ‘WE82’.


Step Six: Go to transaction ‘SALE’. Click as marked in red color.


Now add two logical system names for sender and receiver ex. IDC64 and IDC87. 


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