Uploading Customer Master data using Direct Input Method

By Ansumesh Kumar Samal, IBM

Description and Purpose

Customer Master Data is the key object in all Order-To-Cash related operations. It consists of General data (maintained on customer Level), Sales data (maintained on sales area level) and Company Code data (maintained on company code level). The following type of data is generally considered for a customer for data migration.  

  • Customer Master ( Sold-To )
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Sales Text
  • Customer Partner Functions
  • Customer Credit Data

All above type of data of a customer can be migrated to SAP from legacy system using a single LSMW object or by different LSMW objects. It all depends and decided based on what is customers requirement, how it want to migrate all customer data and what is the format of data in input file  

Here I have tried to explain the different approaches which I followed in one of our project for developing Customer Master Conversion. I did it using Standard Batch/Direct Input method to migrate customer master general data (that includes General data, Company code data, Bank data, Contact Person details, Dunning Area data, Payer data, Sales data, Tax data .I used standard program RFBIDE00 to migrate successfully above mentioned data. However there were few specific issues which lead us to use separate LSMW objects for uploading Address data, Customer Partner Function data and Sales Text data are mentioned below.                                                                      


ADDRESS: There were many additional address fields which are not available in the structure of standard program RFBIDE00.In an alternative approach we created one more LSMW object using BAPI method available under LSMW and used Business Object BUS4001 & Method SAVEREPLICA for address migration.  

SALES: There is no structure available for Sales Text migration in the standard program RFBIDE00.

So we used standard program /SAPDMC/SAP_LSMW_IMPORT_TEXTS of object 0001 for Sales Text migration.  

PARTNER: In this project for this customer, the customer number range was internal generation and the customer number was required for migrating Partner Function data. So we first created all the customers in the system using the standard program RFBIDE00 through a LSMW object and then taking all created customer numbers we updated the corresponding partners for them through a separate LSMW object which used the same program.  


·         Data cleansing is performed

·         Customer Number ranges are customized for all account groups used

·         All field values are configured where necessary, in particular for the following fields

  • Sales Org

  • Distribution channel

  • Division

  • Account group

  • Company code

  • Credit control area.

  • Customer group

  • Pricing Procedure

  • Shipping condition

  • Incoterms 1

  • Terms of payment

  • Tax category

  • Customer condition groups 1-5  

User(s) executing conversion should have access to XD01/VD01/FD32 transaction Please find below all the steps followed in details with with screen-shots and explanations.

For LSMW: General Customer Master Data.  

·         LSMW : Initial Screen

Created One project ZDEMO_O2C and a sub-project OTC under that in t-code LSMW

Created a LSMW object 2_CUSTOM_MASTER under sub-project OTC  

Click on Execute button which will display initial screen with all the available steps for all techniques. However after first step based on the techniques used for the LSMW, few steps will be removed.  

·         STEP 1: Maintain Object Attributes 

In this step we decide what techniques needs to be used for LSMW.For this requirement as stated by me already we used Direct Input method. To select the appropriate standard program for direct input, click on the search help for the field Object and it would display all possible standard programs which are available for data migration. Short list/Filter based on the description given at RHS.  


After choosing the object from above list, we required to choose the method which is show below. And selection of method will auto populate the other two fields with the respective program name and program type. Then SAVE and GO BACK


·         STEP 2: Maintain Source Structures 

Created a header structure with name as CUSTOMER for Legacy data customer master.  

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