Uploading Customer Master Extended Address using BAPI method

By Ansumesh Kumar Samal, IBM

Readers of this post can refer to my earlier post Uploading Customer Master Data using Direct Input Method for detailed level of explanation of each LSMW steps.  

Customer Master Data is the key object in all Order-To-Cash related operations for an organization. It consists of several category/types of data among which Customer Address data is one.  

Almost all type of customer master data can be migrated to SAP using Standard Batch/Direct Input Method (Using program: RFBIDE00). Even Customer Address can also be migrated using program standard program RFBIDE00.However there are few specific reasons which lead us to use different approach for uploading Customer Master Extended Address Data,  


There are many additional address fields which are not available in the structure of standard program RFBIDE00.In an alternative approach we created one more LSMW object using BAPI method available under LSMW and used Business Object BUS4001 & Method SAVEREPLICA for address migration. All detailed steps with screen-shots are given below.  

     Source System:                  File from Presentation Server

     Target System:                    SAP ECC.  


·         Data cleansing is performed

·         Customers are already created in the system through customer master load LSMW for all account groups

·         All configuration data should be available in the system.

·         User’s executing conversion should have access to XD01/VD01/FD32 transaction

Doing Customer address load using BAPI method will generate IDOC, and by generated IDOC data will be posted/migrated to SAP.  

Below shown configuration is required for doing this LSMW object. One port needs to be created. Destination system details (Partner and Partner Type) needs to be provided as shown below  



LSMW Details Step by Step.  

LSMW : Initial Screen  

Create One project ZDEMO_O2C and a sub-project OTC under that in t-code LSMW

Create a LSMW object 2_CUSTOM_ADDRESS under sub-project OTC  

Click on Execute button which will display initial screen with all the available steps for all techniques. However after first step based on the techniques used for the LSMW, few steps will be removed.  

STEP 1: Maintain Object Attributes  


Based on the LSMW techniques the below are the final steps which we need to execute for ADDRESS load.  


STEP 2: Maintain Source Structures  

Create source structure name as CUSTOMER_ ADDRESS for Structure of Legacy data customer address respectively.  


STEP 3: Maintain Source Fields  

Created all source fields under above Source Structure. And one important point here i.e. field sequence under the source structure should be created in the same sequence what it is given by the customer in the flat file. Click here for the file format. Before uploading we saved the XLS file into TXT format and then passed to the LSMW object. 

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