Uploading Bank data using BAPI in LSMW

By Phaneendra Kumar.ch

This tutorial illustrates the usage of BAPI method in the LSMW, a tool provided by SAP for migrating the data from Legacy Systems into SAP.

This example demonstrates the migration of BANK data into SAP In ECC6.0.  

The various entities used for this example:

1. Business Object: BUS10111

2. Method: Create

3. Message Type: BANK_CREATE

4. Basic Type: BANK_CREATE_01

5. Process code: BAPI  

1.Execute T-Code BAPI.  

2. Go to transaction LSMW.


Provide Project, subproject, object.  


From menu bar->settings->IDOC inbound processing.  


Then it displays the following screen.  


Click on Maintain port provide select port type FILE and click on create


Provide Port name as FILE_PORT.

Description Port for Transferring Data


Click on save.  

Then it displays our created FILE_PORT as Below.

Back and provide Port name as we created FILE_PORT.  

And partner type as LS.  


NOTE: Before Providing Partner no go to transaction SALE and do the following settings.



Enter Provide Logical system name as we created.

And save.  


Click on Maintain Partner Numbers.  

Select partner type as LS and click on create  


Provide Partner no as LSMW_BAPI.

Partn Type LS.  


Click on SAVE.

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