Selection Views in SAP ABAP (HR)

By Chirag Modi, Infosys


In the reports which uses logical database (ex. PNP/PNPCE in case of HR Reports) a dynamic selection screen button gets added on the selection screen.  


On clicking this button it opens up a separate selection screen that can be dynamically adjusted based on the fields you choose from the left hand side folders (Function groups).  

These dynamic selections are defined by creating SELECTION VIEWS as per the requirement. The selection views are assigned to Reports / Queries (SAP) via Report Category which the report uses.  

Purpose of Dynamic Selections:  

·         Enhances report by including selection options not included in the standard selection screen of Logical Databases

·         To improve performance of reports and queries which use logical databases

This document provides step by step procedure to create Selection View and using the created selection view in the HR Report for Dynamic Selection Screen.

Step 1:

Execute transaction SE80.

On pressing "Edit Object" button, a pop up appears as:


Select Selection View radio button and Press  "Create" button.

Step 2:  

The below Pop Up appears:  


Field "Origin of View" defines whether the selection view is Standard or Custom one. On pressing F4 on this Parameter you will get two values as shown below:  


  • Origin of View is "CUS" as default in this case.

  • Select Radio button "For any tables".

  • Enter Name of View (It can be any name).

  • Press Enter.  

Step 3:  

Enter the table names whose fields need to be used in the selection view to be created.

In this case we have entered two tables:

1.     PA0002 (HR Master Record: Info type 0002 (Personal Data))

2.     PA0021 (HR Master Record: Info type 0021 (Family))

Press Enter.

Step 4: The below screen is displayed.  


The above screen has 3 sections:

1.     Functional Groups: Here you can enter Functional Groups. These are needed to group the selection fields. You can assign all fields of one table to one function group or fields from one table to many functional groups as per your requirement.


For this Example let us define two function groups as:

01: Personal Data

02: Family Data  



2.     Tables/Nodes: Here you can view the tables (you have selected) whose fields you want to add in your selection view. In this example we have added two tables PA0002 and PA0021.  


On Double Clicking a table, all its fields are available in the third section i.e. Table Fields/Node Fields tab where you can select your fields for selection view.


3.     Table Fields/Node Fields: It displays all the fields of the selected table which you want to add in your selection view for dynamic selection.

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