HCM Process and Forms - Custom Search Help

By Raja Narayanan

Assuming that some basic knowledge in HCM Process and Forms to create the Process and Form Scenario’s, this tutorial will be concentrate more on how to add custom search help in Adobe Forms.  

Created the following objects before proceeding with Search Help

Created the Process                  : ZHELP

Created the Form Scenario        : ZHELP

Created the ISR Scenario          : ZHLP

Add the Backend-Service           : SAP_PA

Created Adobe Form                 : Z_ISR_HRASR_ZHLP

Created Interface                       : Z_ISR_IF_ZHLP                            

Steps to create the Search Help

To attach a custom search help in the adobe forms we must develop our own custom search help Web Dynpro application or we can also use the standard search help which is related to HCM Process and Forms like..


I have taken a simple scenario to search for a material using  a custom Web Dynpro component.  Later we will call this custom Web Dynpro application in adobe forms.  

Create the Web Dynpro Component with the name ZWDC_PERNR_HELP, View name as V_MAIN and Window Name as W_MAIN.

Implement the interface IF_HRASR00_FORM_WINDOW as show below.

After implementing the interface we can see the Method CALL_POPUP and a context VALUE_HELP_DATA would be added to the component controller.



Declare a global variable like this in the component controller attribute tab.

Write the following code in the CALL_POPUP Method.

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