Maintaining the log for HCM report executions

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

You can create a log for the HR report which you run each time. These logs contain the report name, user name, run date and time and select options.  

SAP Standard reports RPUPROTD and RPUPROTU used to display and maintained report logs.  

This feature can be only used with reports which use the PNP logical database.  

To maintain the report log, an entry needs to be maintained in table T599R through SM31 for view V_T599R. In table you can also specify whether this record should be created only for online or background reports, or for both.  

Below is the step by step procedure to maintain the log.  

First run a Z report which is using PNP logical database.  


Now run the report RPUPROTD and pass the report name.

No log is displayed.  

Now maintain the report entry in table V_T599R. Execute T code SM31 and maintain view V_T599R.

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