How to Store Simulation Payroll Result for any Reconciliation

By Sai Kumar Bonakurthi, HCL Technologies

This document tells us how to capture runtime pay results and store in custom table during the simulation payroll for any reconciliation.


Note: Here I am using Australia Payroll, for any country payroll logic is same.


For this first of all we have to create the Payroll Function and insert the function into payroll schema after final processing step of the schema.


Create a payroll function using T.code PE04.


The Naming convention should be “Z_” if we use only “Z” it allows only to store in standard package

Now pass the function description. There is option available to create function to corresponding to any countries. Select the Country.  

 Add Input parameter to the Function..

Select the Program  

There are two ways to write our code for the newly created Function.

·         By using Enhancements spots

·         By using access key

Here we would be using enhancements spots.  

Choose the Enhancement spot from the Program.

Select Show implements enhancement options

Place the cursor on the spot and select Create implementation (Edit->Enhancement operation->Create Implementation).

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