Procedure for uploading employee photos into SAP-HR IT002

By Venkata Raju Duggirala, Yash Technologies

1. Create a number range for SAP Archive Link:

IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain number ranges.

Tcode: OANR

 Create range 01 from 0000000001 to 9999999999 without the external number flag.


2. Document type HRICOLFOTO must exist with document class JPG.

IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>System Settings>Maintain document types.

Table: TOAVE

Tcode: OAC2

3. Document type HRICOLFOTO must be linked to object type PREL and IT0002.

IMG>Personnel Management>Personnel Administration>Tools>Optical Archiving>Set up Optical Archiving in HR.

View: V_T585O,

 In all three columns there are minuses, don't put a flag in the check box.

4. Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type HRICOLFOTO and object type PREL.

IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain Links.

Table: TOAOM_C,

Tcode: OAC3

5. Create this content repository with storage type FILE archive.

IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain content repositories.

Tcode: OAC0  

Storage type FILE archive can be attained by clicking on the field Storage type and clicking somewhere else in the screen with the right mouse button. Choose Possible entries and only then you get a list of all values. FILE Archive is entry number 08. Choose Version no. 0031 and Archive path something (e.g. C .

6. Link photo to personnel number.

Menu>Tools>Business Documents>Miscellaneous>Stored Documents.

Tcode: OAAD  

Click on the Create button. Business objects PREL and Document type HRICOLFOTO. Click on create (fill in the right personnel number in the pop up and click Continue). Choose the photo (as a JPG file) from the place where it is saved (e.g. hard disk). SAP will notify that the Stored Document was created successfully. Photo is visible via PA10, PA20, PA30, and PA40. Double-click to magnify photo.


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