Printing remuneration statement (Pay slips) using HR Forms

By T.N.Swapna, YASH Technologies


An HR-Form often functions as an enterprise's business card, which means it requires an attractive graphical design. The HR Forms will enable you in future to create flexible reports with an attractive layout for HR master data, personnel time data, and payroll results. Therefore, it will be a central Human Resource tool that enables you to select data from various sources in a uniform manner, which you can then design and print. 

Tasks involved:

  • Selecting data for HR forms
  • Designing the layout of HR forms
  • Activating HR forms
  • Testing and correcting form printing
  • Starting form printing


The requirement of our client is to print a Remuneration Statement (Pay slip) using HR Forms, which looks like the screen shot below: 


Go to the transaction PE51. The initial screen appears as the one below:


In the above screen shot the country grouping is a unique indicator for a country that is used in the Human Resources components of the R/3 System. The form name is the HR form which we have to develop. In our case the standard form IN01 is copied to ZN02. For each HR form we have some sub objects as we see in the screen shot above.

  • Attributes

  • Background

  • Single fields

  • Window

  • Line layout

  • Cumulative ID’s

  • Text Modules

  • Rules

  • Documentation

Ø  Attributes 

The attributes are technical characteristics, like form name, form size, form class, as well as administrative information on the form, like the person who changed the form last, when the change took place, and so on. The system automatically sets the administrative information. 

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