Payslip through PE51 - adding custom fields from info types

By Ribhu Ahuja, TCS

Suppose your requirement for payslip through PE51 involves certain fields which are not there in CRT, RT or ZRT or other payroll tables, and you want to show the same in your payslip, you can do so by customer enhancement in the standard program – HINCEDT0 and making necessary alterations in your PE51 form. (SAP ECC 6.0).  

Let us proceed with our payslip design in PE51 (This tutorial does not cover the design part of payslip in PE51. For that, please visit this Link.) Suppose we want to show a running number on the payslips of various employees during mass printing of the payslips (1 for first processed employee, 2 for second processed employee) and  License Plate Numbers of employee in our payslip, which is stored in Infotype 0032 - Internal Data, field KFZKZ. 


The main program which comes into picture for payslip generation through tcodes PC00_M40_CALC and PC00_M40_CEDT is HINCEDT0. We would have to make a Z enhancement for the same. Go to Transaction SE38 and open report HINCEDT0 in display mode.  


Double click on include rpcedsz9 (form routines for customer modifications). It will take you to the include program. Click on the , button on the top and it will show all the enhancements.  

Next, click on edit -> Enhancement Operations  -> Show Implicit Enhancement Operations.  

Choose or double click on HINCEDT0 as shown.  

It shows various enhancement points with arrows:  


We can write our code in these enhancement points by creating an enhancement and an implementation of the same. These various forms are called either one time (e.g. Form INIT-MOD), or once for every personnel number called during payslip program (e.g. Form INIT_SOS-MOD) or once for every processed personnel number (e.g. Form FILL-ZK-MOD). You can find out the same by putting a break point on these forms and running pc00_m40_cedt and pc00_m40_calc. As per our requirement, we want to increase counter of serial number for every PERNR processed and fetch pa0032- KFZKZ, so we would use the Form FILL-ZK-MOD. Right click on FILL-ZK-MOD and click Enhancement Implementation  -> create.  

Choose Code for the type of Enhancement.  

It asks for the Enhancement implementation and Composite Enhancement Implementation. Give let's say zenhancement for Enhancement Implementation and click on create button.  

Give zmainenhancementâ as Composite Enhancement Implementation and click on the green tick mark.  

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