PU12 - Interface Tool Box in SAP HR

By Kamesh G, Infosys Technologies

This document Explains ‘How to Create Interface Format” using Interface Tool Box.


HR Interface Toolbox is used for transferring HR Master Data, Payroll data and time data from SAP R/3 system to a third party system or the data can be used internally. The interface can be used for the evaluation of HR data (Payroll/time) and running payroll partially or completely in a third party system

TCODE : PU12  

Before Creating ‘New Interface format’ following screens will explain the purpose of Different  

Tabs Available in PU12.  

1.     Purpose of ‘Export’ tab is to execute the interface and read the results.  


2. Purpose of ‘Export History’ tab is to see the log over view and the results of executed Runs in the past.


Give the ‘Interface format name and personnel number’ to view the results of previous executions using ‘Display’. And the previous results can be deleted using ‘Delete’ Option.

3.  ‘Configuration tab’ contains all of our development/configurations.

Interface Format: Here we specify the input layout of interface; we will specify the tables, info types and fields, plus we will do the conversions, restrictions, change validations and other configurations to pick the right data for our interface.

File Layout: In File Layout, we will specify the output of the interface,

We need to generate the Interface Format and File Layout every time we do a change in any of them, so that it generates fresh ABAP code for the configuration and we do not get any error.  

Creating new Interface format.  

Steps for creating a New Interface format.

I.    For creating a new interface format, go to Transaction PU12. Enter the New Interface name and click on ‘Create’

PU12-> Configuration Tab -> Give interface format name (To be created) -> Create.  

2.   Give Country group. One PU12 interface format is only for one country, if you are dealing with many countries, then need to create as many interface formats. This step cannot be changed later, if you chose a wrong country then you will have to delete the interface and create it again from scratch. File format can be reused for other countries as it does not require country grouping.


3. Continue, Select Master data or Payroll results .Here taking Master Data          


 4. Include the info types which are required by the interface.


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