How to create File layout using Transaction PU12

By Kamesh G, Infosys Technologies


This document explains ‘How to create File layout using TCODE:PU12, ‘How to run PU12 Interface ‘ and  ‘How to delete PU12 interface results if required.’ (This document is continuation of my previous document on PU12).  

File Layout:

The default output for PU12 is text files .And we need to define a file layout of our exported data.

Give Custom name for the file layout and Press Create (F5) .Give assigned Interface format and Description as below.


Continue and generate the programs clicking the icon and then suggest values, and then save and generate the file layout.

Layout would be like below when we create a new file layout.

Here File layout and Logic for fields would be dependent on requirement .I would try to explain how to create block, Structure and Structure fields and how to assign field value and how to assign a user exit to the field and how to define a constant value to a field.

Steps to create a file layout:

File Layout hierarchy is explained below.

Blocks are at the top level of the hierarchy and they do not contain any data by themselves, they contain further structures which also do not contain any data, each structure can contain fields which actually contain data in them. It is important to use these as per our logic for the requirement.

1.     Creating a Block :

Place the cursor on ‘Blocks’ and Hit  ‘Create’ (F5). Following Block is ‘Begin of 

File’ which contains File indicator.

Give the ‘Block name’ and ‘processing time’ as shown above .Default value of ‘Processing time’ would be ‘During processing of employee data’ .If the block is for file Header change value to Begin Of file as shown above.  

It will be repeated once, and the output will be exported into the main export file, we can choose additional 4 files to send the output in.  

Using the same procedure, I have created 3 Blocks as shown below.  

2.     Creating a Structure :

 To Create Structure place the cursor on particular block and Hit  ‘Create’ (F5).  

Here I am creating a structure for ‘Begin of File’ block.  



3.     Creating a Structure field:  

Field contents can be set using following methods:

A constant value, as it says will replace the contents with a constant value, irrespective of the contents of the infotype.  

Dynamic value will get the data from the infotype or the global variables, there are many global variables available, that is available by hitting F4).  

A user exit will execute a custom routine and the returned value will be placed in the contents.

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