Creating Organization Management infotype

By Venkateswara Rao Appikonda, Intelligroup Inc

1. Check the non-existence of the info type: Check for the existence of any info type with the given number in the tables T582A and T777D.  

2. Go to SE11 and create a data type with the prefix HRI9334 (example) 


Choose create--->structure

Enter the required fields. Save and activate the structure.

3. Go to transaction code PPCI .

    Enter the info type number:  9334 and name as test infotype org man

Choose create---> (F5) 

Following screen is displayed:

Choose create then a confirmation box is displayed as shown below:


Choose YES to create, it will show an information message that the info type was created.

4. Go to transaction code SM30---> give the table name T777I.....choose--> maintain 


Select the info type that you have created and double click on the time constraint

Then choose new entries...fill the values like this....

1. Object type   must be * to allow all the object types.

            Some of the objects are given below.

               O--> Organizational unit
               S--> Position
               P--> Person
               C--> Job
               I1--> Personnel subarea
               I2--> Employee subgroup
               I3--> Employee group
               IA--> Company
               IC--> Company code        

2. info type                         9334  

3.time constraint              Following values are possible:

                                           0---> may only exist once

                                           1---> without gaps

                                           2---> with gaps

                                           3---> as often as required

Save it under a transport request 

Then click on the info types per object type---->new entries 

1. Object type: O      (for Organization)

2. Info type      :9334

Then save it. 

5. Go to PO10 transaction--->Select the info type you created. Give any organization unit which is existing in the current plan. You can choose the entries from the f4 help


Choose create---> 

Click on Save

6. Check whether data is available in the info type HRP9334 or not. 

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