Creating a custom Metanet

By Mohammed Zuber, IBM India

This tutorial explains about creating a custom Metanet in HR Module of SAP using T.Code HRFORMS_METADATA.

MetaNet: The MetaNet is a view of printable data in the SAP System. It covers all data sources in Human Resources that are available for the form creation process. The MetaNet is provided by SAP or can be created and represents a directory from which you can select data to be printed in forms. The MetaNet contains the following objects represented in a hierarchy:  


  1. MetaStar

  2. MetaDimension

  3. MetaField

  4. MetaFigure  

MetaStar: A view of data that can be read from a specific data source in the SAP R/3 System.

MetaDimension: Complete description of a business object or concept.  

MetaField: Items of information in a MetaDimension. Each MetaField is part of the key that completely specifies the MetaDimension, or it is an attribute, an additional characteristic of a MetaDimension.  

MetaFigure: A key figure. If the key figure is linked to a unit, this unit is also part of the MetaFigure.  

When we require custom MetaNet: SAP provides SAP_DEFAULT (SAP standard MetaNet) which contains all possible data of SAP standard HR master data, personnel time data, and payroll results. If there is any new infotype created or any data required in the output from any new custom infotype then a new node must be created into the MetaNet. We create a new custom MetaNet and calls SAP provided MetaNet into that and then add new node based on requirement.


Here, in our case all payroll results are stored into a custom infotype. Data form the custom infotype can not be populated using standard SAP MetaNet. Therefore, I have created a custom MetaNet and added a new node for custom infotype. The complete steps are written below in details.Transaction for creation of custom MetaNet: HRFORMS_METADATA  


Step 01: Give the Custom MetaNet name and Choose Country then click on Create button. For example:

               MetaNet: ZCUSTOSMMETANET

               Country:   Great Britain  

Step 02: In the maintenance screen of the MetaNet, we see there are three columns in left side 

MetaFigures, MetaDimensions, MetaStars and in the right side work place for MetaNet.  

Step 03: If there is any field that has reference table for the currency/ Quantity field then a custom MetaFigure must be created under MetaFigure column for that field. Click on the create button of the MetaFigure column and give a custom MetaFigure name starting with Z* and description. For all such type of fields corresponding MetaFigures must be created.  


For example: Name: ZTEXT_AMOUNT

Description:    Tax Amount  

Step 04: Details of the Metafigure crated under step 03 must be mapped with the unit that can be done on the right hand side bottom of the screen. Reference table name and field must be maintained here. Remember Field name must be unique for each MetaFigure, i.e. if there are five quantities fields in the MetaFigures then all fields name for the Unit must be different where as Field Type may be same. Field Type for the MetaFigure must be same as data element of the corresponding field.  

If field has cumulate values then check the check box of cumulate Values.  

Step 05: If any table need to add into the MetaNet then a custom MetaDimension must be created. Click on the create button of the MetaDimension column, give MetaDimension name starting with ‘Z’ and description.


For Example: Name:  ZINFOTYPE9308

Description: Infotype 9308 data  

Step 06: Each field must be created under the MetaDimension, including key fields that will be used for fetching data and the fields that need to populate into the output. Those fields are called MetaFields. Right click on the custom MetaDimension choose create field.  



Give the field name and description: for example: Name: BEGDA

Description:  Begin date

Similarly create all MetaFields.  

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