Step by Step instructions to create Report Category for LDB for ABAP HR

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

Logical data is important part in ABAP HR programming. SAP Provides many LDB to use the data in perfect way without much coding. We normally use PNP, PNPCE LDB in HR ABAP reports and use Standard LDB screens report. LDB screen are based on report category. SAP Provides many Report Category for each LDB, so it can be use for multiple purposes. Sometimes during for custom report development, we don’t find the Report Category as per our requirement and we need to add the unwanted fields on selection screen. SAP provides options to create custom report category which user can design based on the requirements. This document contains step by step instruction to create HR Report Category for PNP logical database.  

Select Attributes from SE38 screen. Pass Logical database as PNP and click on Report Category  

Next screen, you will see an option for to pass Report Category. Press F4  and its will display the avaliable Report Category for PNP Logical database.  

Here are some of the examples of standard report Category.  

To create new Report Category, click on Report Category  

Now click on New Entries on Next screen:  

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