Hiding fields of an Infotype

By Bhumika Mahawar, Yash Technologies

Sometimes we require hiding some fields in the Infotypes. This can be done using the view V_T588M.  

1. If we see in PA30, the standard screen for 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) is: 


2. Let us hide the field “Work Contract” & “Job” from the standard Infotype screen. 

Go to SM30 & enter view name as “V_T588M”. Click on “Maintain”. 


3. Enter the module pool program & click on  


4. Now click on  


5. Now enter the “Module Pool” (mandatory) “Standard screen” (mandatory).Press “Enter”. 


6. After we press “Enter”, all the screen fields of the Infotype are shown along with their attributes.  

7. Now, we can change the attributes according to our requirements by selecting the desired radio button. After that press    .  


8. Then Go to PA30  and check the changes done to the standard Infotype (here Infotype 0023). 

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