Enhancement of Standard Infotype

By Bhumika Mahawar, Yash Technologies

Many times, there might be a requirement to have additional fields along with the standard fields for an infotype. This can easily be done through Enhancement of Infotypes.  

1. The actual standard screen for Infotype 0023 is shown below (see in PA30).


2. The desired screen for Infotype 0023 is:


3. Go to transaction PM01. Select “Single Scrn” tab .Now enter Infotype no & Infotype Version. The radio button “Customer Include” should be selected. Now click on “Generate Objects”.


4. Click “Create”.


5. Now create your Customizing include with the additional fields & activate.The components tab appears as follows.


6. The Currency/Quantity fields tab appear as follows.


7. The fields added in the CI include would also now appear in the table PA0023 in se11as below.


8. Now go back to PM01, tab “Single Scrn”. Select the radio button “Include Screen” and enter the screen no (here 0200).Then press “Edit”. 


9. It takes you to se38 with a default module pool program generated automatically. Click on “Layout Editor” & then on “Change”. 


10. This navigates you to Screen Painter. Align the fields according to your requirements. Activate the screen. 

(a). Before alignment


(b). After alignment


11. Now go back to PM01 and click on “Assign Enhancement”.


12. Then click on “Change”. Now you would see the “New Entries “button. Click on it. 


13. Enter all the information as shown below and click on “SAVE”. 


14. Go to PA30 & check the enhancement done to the Infotype. Thus the Infotype Screen is enhanced with the required fields. 

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